5–6 October / 2018

Russky MeetUp
Main Professional IT Conference of the Far East

About the Event
Meeting venue for representatives of high-tech businesses, developers, authors of breakthrough IT projects, and investors.
largest corporations
  • Whether Asian markets are waiting for Russian entrepreneurs
  • Communications infrastructure
  • Cryptocurrency, mining, and the prospects of the digital economy
  • Information security
  • Use of machine learning for the processing and analysis of texts in natural languages
  • Ruby, Crystal and Elixir family of languages
  • Flutter cross platform framework for mobile application development
  • Geodata delivery to mobile clients in real time using GRPC
  • Global snapshots and time travel in PostgreSQL
Innovative government
  • Plenary discussion on the Strategy for the development of the information society on the territory of the city of Vladivostok
  • Public-private partnerships in the Digital economy
  • Smart city
  • IT in medicine

The guests of the forum will also participate in:
AR/VR Hackathon

Are you interested in interactive technologies? Are you boldly looking forward to the future and planning to create a project with interactive technologies? Then stay with us! Please register, assemble your team, and come to create the future!
Want to participate
Startup pitch session
In 5-min speeches the participants of the pitch session will present their ideas on the stage and answer the questions of the jury, which will consist of technology professionals and business representatives.
The following are invited to participate:
Igor Ashmanov
Russian entrepreneur specializing in information technology, artificial intelligence, software development, and project management. He directed the development of the ORFO language module of the Russian edition of Microsoft Office, a family of MultiLex electronic dictionaries, Spamtest spam filter.
Eugene Kaspersky
CEO, Kaspersky Lab
Eugene Kovnir
Director General, ANO Data Economy
Dmitry Grishin
Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Mail.ru Group
Nikolay Dubovitskiy
General Manager, Bentley Systems
Nikita Volkov
Acting General Director, Sberbank Technologies
Maxim Kozlov
Head of AR/VR Lab, Sberbank
Arkadiy Dilman
PhD (Engineering), Head of Digital Factory Division, PROF-IT GROUP
Dmitry Zemtsov
FEFU Vice President for Development
Oleg Teplov
CEO, VEB Innovations
Konstantin Parshin
Vice President, Executive Director, Skolkovo Foundation IT Cluster
Alexander Povalko
CEO, Russian Venture Company
Alexander Gurko
Dmitry Alekseev
General Director, DNS Group
Alexander Loginov
Director, Far East Macro-regional Branch, Rostelecom
Igor Kiriy
Head of Miracle Group, Vladivostok
Eduard Haiman
Co-founder, Habidatum, big data analytics and processing company
Vadim Smakhtin
Technical Director, Habidatum, big data analytics and processing company
Anastasia Lapshina
Head of Testing at Монастырёв.рф
Artur Vasilov
Android Developer at Yandex
Elena Bunina
General Director, Yandex Russia
Andrey Minkin
Team Lead, MadDevs
Alexander Lukichev
Director, FEFU VR/AR Center of National Technology Initiative
Stas Kelvich
Developer at PostgreSQL Professional
Sergey Melekhin
GDG and VLDC communities organizer (Vladivostok)
Maria Kuptsova
Researcher, Synthetic Landscape Lab, University of Innsbruck
Dmitry Galaburda
Trader, Miracle Group, Vladivostok
Dmitry Parenskiy
CEO, Servo Platform
Eugene Nekrasov
Assistive Software Developer for people with HIA
Victor Trapenok
Private Entrepreneur, CometServer Developer, Vladivostok
Felix Mashkov
Founder, Concrete Jungle, Vladivostok
Andrey Ivkov
Project Manager, Cardpay
Oleg Astashev
Software Development Lead, CardPay
Eugenia Starostina
HR, CardPay
Konstantin Tsepelev
Senior Developer, CardPay
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